"We continue where others give up."

dr. Asim Busch-Pusitsch

"With a wish that foreigners recognize Slovenia as a jewel of Europe with many possibilities of linking up, we would like to be a “bridge” between both poles –health care, education, tourism and economic activity. A very-well known brilliance of the Slovenian health care personnel had persuaded us to present all of these possibilities to the patients from the Middle East."


29 Jun 2017, 00:56
On the 29th of June, an international meeting, held on the premises of the Slovenian-Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce, was…
28 Jun 2017, 12:03
Due to the invitation of the President of the Slovenian-Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Asim Busch – Pusitsch, a…
18 Mar 2017, 12:02
Dr Asim Busch Pusitsch met with sheik Musallam Bin Hamam with whom they were talking about the cooperation with the…