The NHZ company started operating in Slovenia (Ljubljana) in 2012 with an aspiration to present the Slovenian medical knowledge and treatment possibilities in Slovenia, Ljubljana and in the Slovenian coastal region to the patients from the Middle East.

Being a country of well-being and natural wonders, Slovenia offers a variety of tourist attractions. Its special features are the abundance of natural water resources, spa and rehabilitation treatments.

Due to its geographical position Ljubljana, the capital of the Republic of Slovenia, has been an important traffic and economic centre since the ancient times.

“With a wish that foreigners recognize Slovenia as a jewel of Europe with many possibilities of linking up, we would like to be a “bridge” between both poles –health care, education, tourism and economic activity. A very-well known brilliance of the Slovenian health care personnel had persuaded us to present all of these possibilities to the patients from the Middle East”, explained the general manager of the NHZ company Dr. Asim Busch-Pusitsch.

We are usually truly aware of the real value of our health when we are sick. If not earlier, that is the time when we are willing to do everything to get our health back. Everyone has a right to the most efficient and modern techniques and methods of medical treatment, at home or abroad. We long for and deserve only very best!

Therefore, we are here for you. Because you long for and deserve only very best, we help you to select and make contact with the most acclaimed specialists, university clinics and specialized, diagnostic and rehabilitation centres in Slovenia and other European countries.

In the NHZ company, we devote our special concern and attention to the patients from the Middle East. In association with the specialists of the other recognised European clinics and rehabilitation centres the patients are given the assurance of the best specialists, medical teams and high quality medical care in Europe.

We are enabling patients and their close relatives professional, organisational and communication support. Our service allows the patients to truly devote their attention to the treatment itself.